• Yağız "Yaz" Erkan

    Yağız "Yaz" Erkan

    Blogger. Engineering Leader in Software Development. Avid reader. Passionate communicator of ideas and experiences. Coach. Mentor. Beekeeper.

  • Lawrence Ozeh

    Lawrence Ozeh

    Web Developer | Writer | Phoenix | Philosopher A phoenix and a philospher. 🔰 Contact me — Ozehma@

  • Steve Rubin

    Steve Rubin

    I have unconventional ideas about tech leadership. Buckle up. (Get in touch at productivitypinata at pm period me)

  • Lucas Song

    Lucas Song

    A Chinese writer trying to find his voice in English

  • Matt Franz

    Matt Franz

    Occasional Thoughts on Tech, Reading, and Management

  • Dalibor Ilić

    Dalibor Ilić

    designer, developer, fiddler

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